Are you interested in reshaping your lips or eyebrows? Whether you have thin eyebrows or unevenly shaped lips, cosmetics can help you achieve your desired look. But maybe you prefer a semi-permanent cosmetic solution?

Nanoblading for eyebrows and lips can create the look you want without the daily upkeep. Keep reading to learn more about this procedure, including how it differs from microblading and how much it costs.

What is nanoblading?

Nanoblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo technique that uses a fine nano needle. The purpose of nanoblading differs depending on whether a makeup technician performs the treatment on your eyebrows or your lips.

Nanoblading for eyebrows

Nanoblading for eyebrows fills in scarce, thin eyebrows for a thicker appearance. The procedure involves the use of pigmented ink and a super fine needle to create hair-like tattoo strokes. These strokes look like natural hair.

This technique doesn’t only thicken the appearance of eyebrows, it can also change the shape of your brows.

Nanoblading for lips

Nanoblading for lips is a slightly different process. It’s also a semi-permanent tattoo procedure. However, while nanoblading for eyebrows uses tattoo ink to fill in brows, nanoblading for lips uses tattoo to apply semi-permanent lip liner or full lip color.

The lip liner procedure is often used make uneven lips more even and to appear fuller. Full lip color, on the other hand, can change the color of your lips. You can choose a natural lip tone or a color shade, so that it looks as if you’re always wearing lip color.