A skin injury makes our body go into its repair mode and it forms a scar tissue over the injury. This scar tissue, made of a fibrous tissue, provides protection to this wound, allowing it to heal.

However, in some cases, the body might produce this scar tissue excessively. This excess scar tissue, which is basically collagen, can lead to smooth, hard growths called Keloids. They usually are not harmful to the patient’s health. But the patient might feel uncomfortable due to the aesthetic or cosmetic problems that it causes.

These Keloids usually starts growing like a claw growing to be larger than the injury itself. The common parts of the body they normally affect are the chest, shoulders, earlobes and upper back but they can also affect any part of the body.


The site of the injury on the skin usually display the following symptoms:
  • Turning of the injury to flesh colour or pink or red.
  • A lumpy or ridged formation on an area of the skin
  • It grows larger along with the scar tissue
  • Itchy skin patches
  • Friction with clothes or other stuff can cause discomfort, irritation or tenderness
  • Movement can be restricted in rare cases