Acne Removal

Acne could be a reason for the emotional disturbance. It has been seen in many cases that people with acne deal with social anxiety. So, whether you are suffering from teenage acne or adult acne, it needs to be treated timely. Different stages of acne are to be treated with a different line of treatment.

There are six main type of acne conditions described below:

Blackheads- Small black colored bumps that develop on the skin due to clogged hair follicles.
Whiteheads- They are similar to blackheads but are much firmer and won't empty when squeezed.
Papules- Small red bumps or rash that may feel tender or sore.
Pustules- They are bulging skin that is similar to papules, and have a white/yellowish tip in the center filled with pus.
Nodules- Hard and painful lumps that build up beneath the surface of the skin.
Pus- Filled bumps that look similar to boils and bear the highest risk of causing lasting scarring.

At Clinic we customize the treatments in a way to address the condition aptly and accurately. This is an innovative 30-minute procedure which helps in deep cleansing of skin thus leaving behind clear and smooth skin. This procedure uses the combination of deep exfoliation technology of Diamond microdermabrasion along with the safe, gentle oscillating and oxygenating power of the high-frequency electrical current. On one hand, Diamond crystal exfoliation helps in removal of dead skin cells and deep exfoliation of the skin and on another hand, the second technology helps in enhancing blood circulation, increasing collagen and elastin production. Moreover, it eliminates toxins and acne-causing bacteria and encourages lymphatic drainage.

The fundamental action of high-frequency current is thermal (heat production) and it works on the principle of skin toning. Thus acne erase is a completely safe treatment with no downtime that leaves you with ultra clear acne free skin.